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Make a set of word flashcards using any cardboard you have at home. 

The words are: I is to the Mum Dad look see am a

Read through the words.

How many can you remember?


Choose one flashcard word to practice writing in lots of different colours.


Play tic-tac-toe (noughts and crosses) using two of the 

flashcard words above instead of 0 and X.


Make a bingo card by drawing a 3x2 grid.Write 6 of the flashcard words into the boxes.

The adult shuffles the 10 flashcard words and calls out the words.

The child finds and covers the words on the card as they are called.

When all are covered call BINGO! 

If you can make it a competition by having someone else play.




Write the flashcard word you choose in a dusting of flour on the

 table with your finger, sand outside with a stick, or with a paintbrush and water on the concrete. 



The purpose of this task is to help your child to: •give and follow directions

•use positional language (on, under, above, beside, in etc) and directional language (forward, backward, turn right, turn left, go round, go straight etc…)

Play ‘Hide the treasure’.

 •Together choose a small favourite object to be the treasure.

 •Hide the treasure without your child observing where you put it.

 •Give three or four instructions to ‘set’ your child in the right direction. For example, ‘Take five steps forward to the mat, turn right, go past the green chair. The treasure is under something nearby. Can you find it?”

 •Give further positional/directional clues as needed.

 •Take turns


Hide and Seek pdf


Make a number book

On each page put a number up to 10

You could cut out or draw pictures to match the number

Eg. 1-one flower

      2-two cats

      3-three faces

      4-four shoes

Get your child to practice writing the number in different colours around the page as a frame.   


Counting on lesson This is a short counting on lesson for children to watch.

counting on  This is an example of a  child counting on to solve a problem. 


Use equipment (stones, lids,     to practice counting on to add:

4 and 3

5 and 2

6 and 4


Bake – talk to your child about the recipe/ingredients using words like "how many?" "how much?" "more". Count how many teaspoons of baking soda are needed, how many cups of flour,how many muffin cases


Find something long.

Now can you find something else that is long?

Which is the longest?

Collect some more long things and put them into order of size.

Have your child: 

•Say which object they think is the longest and the shortest. 

• Hold the objects against each other and compare their lengths. See if they are right. 

• Line up the objects along the edge of the table and order them from shortest to longest. (By putting the ends along the table edge, the comparison is valid because all are ‘measured’ from the same starting place.)





Make Bubbles

Materials: dish soap, water, bucket or plastic container, whisk

An important part of children’s hand-washing is for them to rub their hands together until they see bubbles. Otherwise, the soap slips off and goes down the drain without cleaning their hands.

  • Pour some water into a bucket or other plastic container, add a squirt of dish soap, and grab a whisk.
  • Have your child use the whisk to stir up some bubbles! Ask questions such as, “What happens when you stir slowly? How about faster? What happens when you add a little more soap?” Let your child experiment and explore.
  • When it’s time to wash hands, remind your child of the activity. Challenge your child to make as many bubbles as possible with his or her hands!


Homemade bubble mix  Dissolve ½ cup sugar in 4 cups warm water. Stir in ½ cup dish washing liquid. Let it sit for at least 2 hours for best results. To make a bubble blower, cut the bottom off a soft drink bottle and blow through the neck or you can think of other ways to make a bubble blower. 


No More Germs  Video clip about germs

Choose to be Kind video clip

The Arts (Music, Dance, Drama, Visual Art)

Arnold the Ant cosmic yoga

Way up High in an Apple Tree song 


Find something you can use as a drum to keep the beat as you sing.


Cut out the middle of an icecream container lid to make a ring. Use this to throw over a target. How many times can you get the ring over the target in ten throws?

Balloon Keep-Up

This activity has movement and maths

Materials: a balloon

Challenge your child to keep a balloon from falling to the floor without catching or holding it! Add in some counting practice. How many times can they hit it up before it falls?