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A letter of Apology to the Pukekohe North Community:

With an aim to be transparent in our actions as a Board, we have placed all of our Minutes on our website for your information.

Shortly after our hui of 15.4.2020, we placed the minutes of the meeting on to the website.

Inadvertently, we placed the IN COMMITTEE Minutes on the site instead of the Public Record of Board discussions and actions.

On being notified of our error, we immediately removed the incorrect copy of the minutes.

We can only apologise for our mistake and hope that we did not offend anyone through our oversight.

We will ensure in future, that the correct minutes are placed on the Board of Trustee Website pages for your information.

Secondly, another apology.

To ensure during COVID -19 Alert level 3-4 that our students were well-supported by our kura, our Board called weekly update Zoom Meetings.

We checked with the New Zealand School Trustees about the ongoing legality of these virtual huis.

"Very legal was the answer! In fact, ALL BOT Meetings can be held in this manner across the duration of the Board's tenure -2020-2022."

The Board discovered that all meetings where decisions are made, are fully open to members of the public and thus must be advertised- date and time of the meeting, and any documents and the meeting URL shared with those wishing to attend.

We had not complied with these requirements as we came to terms with Zoom Meetings and thus can only apologise unreservedly and state our intent to get things right as we move forward.

To protect our Zoom Meetings we also included a password to be used to gain access to the hui.

. As something very special and relating to our region, we used Tamaoho' as the password for entry.

We later understand that this was hurtful to some community members.

This was not meant to cause any offence and it is sad that our actions created ill feelings with whanau and the involvement of tupuna.

We immediately removed the password and apologise for our actions and any hurt caused.

Our members intend to share public documentation on this website 5 days before each advertised meeting to again act in a transparent and open manner starting with our next  meeting on Wednesday 27 May 2020 -4.30-6.30.p.m. (Via Zoom)

Please keep an eye on this site for updates on 20.5.2020.

Jim Stafford-Bush